Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Lisa can really bring a boss down to size by 5DR when equipped with daggers with Lucky Strike and Grinding skill. But she needs to get in close to do her work. Fortunately, she has the Evasion ability.

Some ways to increase her Evasion ability is as follows,

I) Base score with Blitz Assault - 52
II) Armor - 15
III) Socket Shiny Tanzanite - 15
IV) Enhanced Revelation of Abyss - 4
V) Strata/Armonian Boots - 20 (Assassin boots max 10)
VI) Belt with 3 Agi stat - 1
VII) Necklace with 3 Agi stat - 1
VIII) Artifact (not hers though) - 5

At 100 evasion, she can theoretically avoid all attacks.
Unfortunately... ... her evasion is capped at 75, for now...
(there are rumors that it can go to 90 at later versions)

Sunday, December 11, 2016


"Arrggghh... I cant believe my Punisher stance lost DPS to a girl...."
"Dun't whine... My Heavy Stinger stance also got beat by a girl..."
"Maybe I need to call it another name now."
"At least you can try to sell her your rifles... What am I gonna do with my oversized ones..."

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cecille and her wolf, Grey

Notes when using Cecille
1) Receives +1AR from Sense of Wild buff (buff persists even if Grey gets knocked out) and 20% bonus damage from (Hunting Tgt debuff)
2) Grey does splash damage. He has 4 less AR/DR than Cecille, He has 90 mental resis, 65 fire, 75ice. 75lgt, 295 def, 256k hp, is quite tough and lasts for up to max of 10mins. Excels in role of clearing mobs, can also tank magic dealing boss (suffers from low AR/DR unlike Autobaron which does not have AR/DR penalties). His normal attacks can inflict mortal wound but very small chance, not enough to make a difference in raids.
3) Cecille does well in defending a firebase, she can quickly clear mobs around with a combination of Grey, Ballista and hunting trap.
4) Cecille has multiple skills which can ignore large amounts of defense so can deliver damage through skill spamming against high defense boss but does not do well against high DR boss (Veil is better against high DR with his +3AR bonus). It is also possible to boost her penetration to over 120 (with help of rumins and weapon costumes) similar to calyce when need to DPS high defence/immunity boss.
5) In raids, Cecille excels in mob control, is a good (but not the strongest) DPSer (slightly better than punisher but loses to Veil). Her skills can inflict mortal wound but this does not succeed often enough with raid boss (prob more for pvp).
6) Cecille is good when playing alone against low/mid level bosses (of less than or comparable AR/DR), or when hunting mobs for quest items, leveling, questing.
7) Cecille hits 50crit easily so best artifact is to increase atk ie Arcard Piercing. She has enough penetration base already to reduce most boss/mobs to below 100 defence (where there is no further increase in damage) so rumins and weapon costumes with atk rumins are good to increase her DPS further. This is also the main reason why she loses DPS to Veil in most situations.

For Bounty Hunter, bosses have high def and immunity (up to 90), Cecille if using bows/weapon costumes with pene can hit over 120+ pene which will ensure she continue to deliver good dps.
For Coimbra daily raids, bosses have low def and hardly any immunity, she should swap to weapon costumes with atk rumins instead as there is no further increase in damage if boss def is reduced below 100.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Grade 36 Crystals

Brian's Notebook .. some 'realistic' ways to get grade 36 crystals at 'minimal' cost...

Grade 36 Magic Crystals :
- Get Veronif's Diary (Grade 33), ask Vincent to bring to Navas to change to Abyss Scroll (Grade 34) then try to +6
- Recharge cherlyn's book with Ulrick at Bahia Hut to get her Magic Book (Grade 34) then try to +6
- Run errands to get encyclopaedia pages (or use Zeia runes to buy pages) and make 33AR encyclopaedia then try to +7
- Supply Bahamas Old witch to get old brooms (Grade 33) and try to +7

Grade 36 Range Crystals :
- Buy old armonia wpns (Grade 34) at the pioneering merchant then try to +6.
- Make constellation wpns (Grade 33) then try to +7

Grade 36 Melee Crystals :
- Make constellation wpns (Grade 33) then try to +6, farm ingredients from rank 5 daily missions then craft Strata wpns and +5
- Get evil weapons and +6

Enhancement Boosters can be obtained from
- Buy from feso shop
- Spam bounty hunter missions

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veil Returns

Veil ran his hands over the gnarled wood of his elite silver crossbow, the bow has served him well for many years, but its time to move on. A stronger bow. One that can penetrate the thick hide of the armonian bears, the ancient armor of the denizens of abyss. For this, Veil has suffered the perils of a sea voyage that had lasted for months to reach the lands of Armonia.

But just as the armonian crossbow carries the holiness of the church, there are rumors also of a darken bow that carries the power of the abyss. He will need gold, lots of it.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Great Purge of Nov 2015

After a two year journey into the wilderness, the family once again returned to the lands of Granado Espada. The ship coasted silently into port. Disembarking, the family visited Lisa's cafĂ© only to hear news of the Great Purge. Entire families had disappeared suddenly without trace. Their homes locked and their equipment gone. Amongst them were the four guardians, the Andreoli family, Guen family, Cruciati and the Donatiello families. These had been long time allies for many years and their loss were heartbreaking. Also, it was reported that two other families, who had been running the storehouse had also disappeared together with the hoard of equipment left with them. It was a great loss of equipment and material. Over 15 ELNS (highly enchanted) were lost together with over 40 crossbows, shotguns, pistols, lutes, weapon costumes and dozens of magical accessories.

Amongst the lost items, the most cherished item was
+5 Dagger of Higgins 47/86undead/12trigger 3S(6pene/6pene/6pene)

This period shall be remembered as the Great Purge. The family goes into mourning.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Delivering letters for Citizen Cain

Cain was desperate.
His attempts to get his letter delivered to his contact at the Kielce Port had failed again. Last night, two fighters carrying huge swords and a scout had agreed to do the errand for a price, only to end up being torn apart by the ruffians that roam the streets in the dark. Scores of them, they claimed overwhelm them. Their blades were enchanted too, blades that caused one's limbs to stiffen and slow. As he thought about it, he worried about the three wizards who had scorned his story and agreed to do his errand for a price threefold...

"Alright, lets show em!" Emilia grinned. Emerging from the darkened streets of the shopping district, the three wizards saw the first group of ruffians hanging around the corner.
"Safe Guard!" her two companions whispered, and a shimmering ball of light formed around them. Levitating, they began to fly towards the ruffians catching their attention. Emilia raised her rod and hurriedly flew after them.

Leading the way, her companions flew past the ruffians, their blows falling harmlessly around the light shield. They easily left the ruffians behind and headed towards the government general's office. As they reached the plaza, they laid eyes upon the main street that led to the port. It was packed with scores of ruffians. In unison, the three wizards weaved their rods again.

"Protection Field!"
They flew into the dark alleys. Ruffians ambushed them. So numerous were they that the wizards, fast as they were, were hit by their blows. Ancient magic began to gnaw at them. One of her companions fell behind, overwhelmed by the dark magic. They emerged from the alleys behind the large group of ruffians patrolling the main street. Only a short distance from the port now. But one more group of ruffians guarded the last stretch, in front of the Red Hat Inn, and they attacked Emilia and her companion. Her companion stopped and summoned a deadly hail of dark magical bolts at the group, distracting them. Emilia pushed on.

Turning the corner, she found the contact that Cain had described. A shadowly figure beckoned for her to enter the port office. Seeing the ruffians catching up, she entered swiftly and completed her mission!
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