Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Delivering letters for Citizen Cain

Cain was desperate.
His attempts to get his letter delivered to his contact at the Kielce Port had failed again. Last night, two fighters carrying huge swords and a scout had agreed to do the errand for a price, only to end up being torn apart by the ruffians that roam the streets in the dark. Scores of them, they claimed overwhelm them. Their blades were enchanted too, blades that caused one's limbs to stiffen and slow. As he thought about it, he worried about the three wizards who had scorned his story and agreed to do his errand for a price threefold...

"Alright, lets show em!" Emilia grinned. Emerging from the darkened streets of the shopping district, the three wizards saw the first group of ruffians hanging around the corner.
"Safe Guard!" her two companions whispered, and a shimmering ball of light formed around them. Levitating, they began to fly towards the ruffians catching their attention. Emilia raised her rod and hurriedly flew after them.

Leading the way, her companions flew past the ruffians, their blows falling harmlessly around the light shield. They easily left the ruffians behind and headed towards the government general's office. As they reached the plaza, they laid eyes upon the main street that led to the port. It was packed with scores of ruffians. In unison, the three wizards weaved their rods again.

"Protection Field!"
They flew into the dark alleys. Ruffians ambushed them. So numerous were they that the wizards, fast as they were, were hit by their blows. Ancient magic began to gnaw at them. One of her companions fell behind, overwhelmed by the dark magic. They emerged from the alleys behind the large group of ruffians patrolling the main street. Only a short distance from the port now. But one more group of ruffians guarded the last stretch, in front of the Red Hat Inn, and they attacked Emilia and her companion. Her companion stopped and summoned a deadly hail of dark magical bolts at the group, distracting them. Emilia pushed on.

Turning the corner, she found the contact that Cain had described. A shadowly figure beckoned for her to enter the port office. Seeing the ruffians catching up, she entered swiftly and completed her mission!
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