Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Lisa can really bring a boss down to size by 5DR when equipped with daggers with Lucky Strike and Grinding skill. But she needs to get in close to do her work. Fortunately, she has the Evasion ability.

Some ways to increase her Evasion ability is as follows,

I) Base score with Blitz Assault - 52
II) Armor - 15
III) Socket Shiny Tanzanite - 15
IV) Enhanced Revelation of Abyss - 4
V) Strata/Armonian Boots - 20 (Assassin boots max 10)
VI) Belt with 3 Agi stat - 1
VII) Necklace with 3 Agi stat - 1
VIII) Artifact (not hers though) - 5

At 100 evasion, she can theoretically avoid all attacks.
Unfortunately... ... her evasion is capped at 75, for now...
(there are rumors that it can go to 90 at later versions)
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