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Monday, November 28, 2016

Grade 36 Crystals

Brian's Notebook .. some 'realistic' ways to get grade 36 crystals at 'minimal' cost...

Grade 36 Magic Crystals :
- Get Veronif's Diary (Grade 33), ask Vincent to bring to Navas to change to Abyss Scroll (Grade 34) then try to +6
- Recharge cherlyn's book with Ulrick at Bahia Hut to get her Magic Book (Grade 34) then try to +6
- Run errands to get encyclopaedia pages (or use Zeia runes to buy pages) and make 33AR encyclopaedia then try to +7
- Supply Bahamas Old witch to get old brooms (Grade 33) and try to +7

Grade 36 Range Crystals :
- Buy old armonia wpns (Grade 34) at the pioneering merchant then try to +6.
- Make constellation wpns (Grade 33) then try to +7

Grade 36 Melee Crystals :
- Make constellation wpns (Grade 33) then try to +6, farm ingredients from rank 5 daily missions then craft Strata wpns and +5
- Get evil weapons and +6

Enhancement Boosters can be obtained from
- Buy from feso shop
- Spam bounty hunter missions

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