Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veil Returns

Veil ran his hands over the gnarled wood of his elite silver crossbow, the bow has served him well for many years, but its time to move on. A stronger bow. One that can penetrate the thick hide of the armonian bears, the ancient armor of the denizens of abyss. For this, Veil has suffered the perils of a sea voyage that had lasted for months to reach the lands of Armonia.

But just as the armonian crossbow carries the holiness of the church, there are rumors also of a darken bow that carries the power of the abyss. He will need gold, lots of it.

Notes on using Veil
1. Veil fires 6 shots on one cycle, 3 from each hand (left hand first). Damage is calculated separately based on the weapon equipped on each hand. Critical rate is applied separately to each weapon in each hand.
2. If weapon AR more than target DR by 5 or more, there is no further increase in damage
3. If weapon AR less than target DR by 10, damage has reduced to almost zero.
4. Within this range, each point difference in rating is approx. 10% change in damage.
5. When 'Edge' buff is applied, atk damage increases significantly as distance to target increases. When fighting at close range, there is no need to use Edge buff.
6. Fav Artifact is Sniper's Ring, sets critical rate to 50%.
7. Target Defence affects damage over a range of 100(no further increase below this) to 300(damage goes to zero). If target defence is 150 with 50 immunity, penetration of more than 50 will not increase damage much.
8. Against targets with high def (>200) and high immunity (>60), range DPS will mostly lose to melee as they can spam skills that ignore defence (eg Lynn), consider using Kess (Heavy Stinger) or Heyran instead. Veil is best against low/mid defence boss with high DR as self buff can +2AR (wolfeye) +1AR (Edge).
9. Good buff companions include Bernelli (Hound) and those with debuffs that can reduce defence such as Kess/Lionel (Marking), Lisa (Grinding/Lucky Strike), Idge Battlesmith (Broken Armor).
10. Veil wins DPS because of his high attack (boosted with Edge). However, to reach his max DPS, he needs all the buffs to reach 100acc 20spd and 50 crit. He suffers from low penetration, needs rumins/weapon costumes with penetration to reach up to 90+ pene. Even then, some boss has 90immunity so all the penetration is useless. As such, it is generally better to socket atk rumins on xbow and have two sets of weapon rumins (one set atk and the other pene). To decide which set to use,
When boss effective defence (base defence - remainder of (pene - immunity)) is around 140, no diff whether using atk or pene rumins. Above 140, penetration rumins give more damage and below 140, atk rumins are better. Use of appropriate rumins can result in a different of up to ard 10%, not a lot.

For Coimbra Daily raids, mostly low defence and immunity bosses so atk rumins are good.
For Bounty Hunter raids, mostly high defence and high immunity (ard 90) bosses so atk rumins are good.
Only if boss is high defence and low immunity (eg TOC) then can consider swapping weapon costumes with pene rumins.
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